Waffle House Valentines Day

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Valentines Day

February 14th for its eight year now, Waffle House is offering candlelit diners for Valentines day. Since Tiffany and I love Huddle House, of course we took this opportunity to enjoy a candle lit diner in one of our favorite restaurants.

From the booths to the bar, Waffle house went all out. White cloth tablecloths, candles on every table, decorations hung from the ceiling, even a photographer, and a photo booth built in the bathroom hallway with a silver backdrop and balloons. People had scheduled their lunch dates a full day ahead. Once there however, there was still a two hour wait.

For once in my life I wasn’t the best dressed person in a Waffle house. People were showing up in dresses, suits, and even a tuxedo. Families and couples dined on the steak, fish, or other special Valentines day dinners for two.  Though the full menu was available, so of course I had a chocolate chip waffle.

It was amazing and delicious, and a definite must for Valentines Days future.