Dungeons and Dragons

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Adventure Awaits The other day I got to go on another adventure in Dungeons and Dragons. I play as a Drow, Vampire, who is seeking a fortune in order to buy a flying castle, and if that means saving the world from the dragon below then so be it.   So far a magical mark …

Casa Grande

Today Aunt Ronda, Uncle Gene, and I, went to eat at Casa Grande. A new Mexican restaurant owned by the same people who own Merietta Diner, Pasta Bella, and other awesome restaurants. Lots of neon, great food, interesting decor, and bad karaoke.  

US Navy Pea Coat

While browsing shops around town with my aunt and uncle, we found an original 1962 US Navy pea coat. It just happened to be my exact size, and a great deal on a 100% wool coat. They got it for me to wear through the winter. It is the warmest coat I think I have …