Falcon Friday

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Falcon Friday

Its officially Falcon Friday in Atlanta and the city is Lit.

Everyone is excited about the Falcons going to Super Bowl 51. Banks and restaurants, carwashes and gas stations, everyone is decorating in red and black. Governor Nathan Deal officially proclaimed Falcons Friday as a State Holiday. Mayor Kasim Reed, extended bar hours for Super Bowl Sunday. The braves and Red Soxs are dueling it out on Twitter. Ludacris even read a poem for the team. There are thousands of Super Bowl parties, from people grilling out, every sports bar in metro Atlanta, and even places like the Strand, streaming the game live on 5 screens so that no one in Atlanta misses it.

Yes the city is buzzing with excitement, not excluding myself. Everyone at work was even representing today showing up in their best red and black. And hopefully Monday as well after a Super Bowl 51 win by the Falcons.

So Atlanta, lets get to Sunday, Lets get a Super Bowl win, lets set the city ablaze with excitement, and let us, in brotherhood, rise up!